8h50 Opening remarks
9h Morning Keynote – Hana Chockler: Causality and Responsibility for Formal Verification and Beyond
10h Georgiana Caltais, Stefan Leue, and Mohammad Reza Mousavi: (De-)Composing Causality in Labeled Transition Systems
10h30 coffee break
11h Hichem Debbi: Debugging of Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) Models
11h30 Severin Kacianka, Florian Kelbert, and Alexander Pretschner: Towards a Unified Model of Accountability Infrastructures
12h Peter Bernard Ladkin and Bernd Sieker: Causal Analysis in Everyday Engineering
12h30 lunch
13h30 Afternoon Keynote – Chao Wang: Constraint-based Analysis for Verifying and Debugging Concurrent Software
14h30 Sylvain Hallé and Oussama Beroual: Fault Localization in Web Applications via Model Finding (invited talk)
15h coffee break
15h30 short presentations and round-table discussion